Seeing with the Third Eye: Intuitive Approaches to Documentary Photography
with Djamila Grossman, photographer

Saturday, September 11, 9.30 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.

Venue: Stapferhaus

Price: CHF 280.–

Who am I and how do I see? What is my individual photographic style? How do I sharpen my perception to find out what kinds of images reflect me and my personal creativity? These are questions that are worth asking – both in photography and in life. To photograph intuitively means to temporarily put aside learned patterns and rules, to explore our own creativity. In this workshop, we are searching for our personal point of view. We get to know ourselves and our visual perception.

Because listening to your own impulses and following them makes you distinct, spontaneous, and creative. Through various exercises, we gain a deeper insight into our motivations, and find a more fluid, intuitive approach to photography. Applying this knowledge in practical terms allows us to review and adapt our ideas. We finish the day creatively enriched and with a better understanding of ourselves and our individual motives to photograph.

Please bring a camera (or phone) and a way to download photos (wifi, usb, etc.), as well as a writing pad and pen.

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Djamila Grossman,

Djamila Grossman is a freelance photographer for editorial and commercial clients and currently lives in Zurich. The Berlin native is German-American, spent many years in the American West and currently lives in Zurich. She received a degree in Journalism and Anthropology from the University of Arizona and was on the photo staff at several newspapers, including The Salt Lake Tribune in Utah. She successfully completed the postgraduate class at the Ostkreuz School for Photography in Berlin. In 2019 she released together with Tom Licht the photo book “Be Hers Be Mine” at Kehrer publishing.