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Mattia Balsamini

Protege Noctem

Blinded by billions of artificial lights, the night sky has become a tainted canvas for us, an unknown phenomenon. 83% of the world’s population has never seen the Milky Way.


Markus Bühler

In the year of the forest

From the very beginning, Markus Bühler was fascinated by the allure of nature when he first began photographing in the forest 15 years ago. Initially just going for walks, he soon went on extended hikes.


Luisa Dörr


he Bolivian “polleras”, voluminous skirts commonly associated with the indigenous women of the highlands, have for decades been a symbol of uniqueness, but also an object of discrimination.


Federico Estol

Shine Heroes

Every day, 3,000 shoe shiners take to the streets of La Paz, Bolivia, to find customers. They wear ski masks to prevent being recognized and discriminated against, as shoe polishing is despised by society.


Anja Furrer


Sonnenberg is an artistically-minded series of documentary images that shows the incipient metamorphosis and the fragile nature of the transformation of Villa Sonnenberg.


Maria Giovanna Giugliano

Ordinary Pleasures

Heavenly buffets satisfy and ignite the appetite with edible stimuli, while the experience of eating releases hormones and triggers emotions. Meals actively influence the human condition.


Jana Hartmann

Mastering the Elements

MASTERING the ELEMENTS is a photographic research on the scientific exploration and eventual conquest of nature from the beginnings of alchemy until the present day.


Sabine Hess

You Felt The Roots Grow

“I hold your hand and, carefully, try to capture it. Imprint on my brain the texture of your wrinkly skin, the warmth of your touch, the way your fingers wrap around mine.” After seven years of illness, the fight against cancer is coming to an end and the author is torn between conflicting feelings.


Kathrin Linkersdorff


Kathrin Linkersdorff creates works that can be understood as a synthesis of art and science. She regards pigments as a particular expression of life and as such they have been a focus already in her “Wabi Sabi” and “Fairies” works.


Aurelie Pétrel

Midnight at Rolands

Aurélie Pétrel’s artistic exploration transcends traditional photography to question the image, its status, its (re)presentation and its production mechanisms.


Katie Prock

Yesterday We Were Girls

“Yesterday We Were Girls” is a mixed-media project about rebuilding identity. As a teenager, the artist left her family’s Mennonite faith tradition and felt the need to leave the entire culture behind.


Paulo Simão


In “Erased”, Paulo Simão refers to Robert Rauschenberg’s “Erased De Kooning Drawing” and manipulates images from the US Library of Congress to reflect on ways of remembering and the role of the archive in shaping history.


Jansen van Staden


Aware that he belonged to one of the first South African generations that grew up during post-Apartheid, Jansen van Staden’s work questions tradition and trauma in his homeland.


Anastasia Samoylova

Image Cities

The Image Cities project explores the role of photorealistic depictions in urban development by closely considering the images permeating the global cities, from life-scale, ultra-realistic renderings of future urban construction to the more intimate reminders of cultural identities of each place, advertisements, and other vernacular imagery.


Marta Zgierska

Tomorrow crumbles in hands

Marta Zgierska  composes unconventional self-portraits, often moving away from direct exposure of her form towards an implied presence or embodiment through objects.


The Photographer’s Guide to Los Santos

The Photographer’s Guide to Los Santos interrogates the ontological boundaries between physical and virtual spaces through an examination of photographic practices situated within the ludic framework of Rockstar North’s record-breaking 2013 release Grand Theft Auto V.


The Last Supper

The Passion of Jesus Christ is the central narrative of the Christian world. Among the many symbols associated with it, “The Last Supper” is one of the most powerful in terms of content, both for narrative and visuals.


Sony World Photography Awards (Kollektiv)

Produced by Creo under its photography strand World Photography Organisation, the internationally acclaimed Sony World Photography Awards is one of the most important fixtures in the global photographic calendar.


Henry Blommers

Nature under Threat

The project by Dutch artist Henri Blommers, during his residency in Lenzburg in (2021), focuses on photographing the local flora and collecting various samples, documenting them through his analog photographic process.


Synthese in der Zeit

(Digital Ausstellung)

Thanks to photography, we discover cultures, places, people and stories while standing still. We would actually needto travel for decades if we wanted to discover the places we meet through images. But there is a special place that no means of transport can take us to, except photography: the past.


Synthesis Open Air

Open call

For each edition of the festival, we announce an open call to photographers from all over the world: this year we chose the theme “Synthesis”.