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Press photos may only be used in connection with the Lenzburg Photo Festival and only if the copyright "Name of the photographer, exhibitor of the Lenzburg Photo Festival" is stated.
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20_paola ruvioli - Where is my beauty_ - 40 - P.Ruvioli-1 - c9be05f9-ec9d-4540-91a0-ee386a079461

Photo: "Where is my beauty" © Paola Ruvioli

06_Henri Airo - Keep Swimming - 30 - Untitled (Float) - 9cbb6d6f-2780-487f-a392-5961a4074ed6 copy

Photo: "Keep Swimming" © Henri Airo

«Divided We Stand»


Photo © Braschler/Fischer


Photo © Braschler/Fischer


Photo © Braschler/Fischer

Open call’s projects

1 - Time on Quaaludes and Red Wine

Photo: "Time on Quaaludes and Red Wine" © Anna Galí

6 - The Golden Ladder, From the series There is Nothing New Under the Sun - ad22d91d-5f45-416d-af02-53b98f2da404 copy 2

Photo: "he Golden Ladder" © Kata Geibl

4 - È Così la Vita, La Costa (the Coast) ?

Photo: "È Così la Vita, La Costa" © Lea Meienberg

1 - Renaissance

Photo: "Renaissance" © Nils Stelte

The Fotofestival Lenzburg

The festival, which cooperates with many institutions, gives photography as much space as possible, connecting people of all ages and bringing them into contact with experts in regional and international photography. It offers photography a platform for dealing with socially relevant questions. The festival invites well-known and emerging talents to share their visions with the festival. OPEN CALL photographs selected by the international jury will be exhibited in the historical centre and in the Villa Müllerhaus. The open-air exhibitions will transform the city of Lenzburg into an open photo gallery. The main exhibition with internationally renowned photographers takes place once a year in the Stapferhaus Lenzburg. The rich program with events, workshops, expert discussions, the portfolio discussions and the photo marathon make it a cultural and eventful experience. At the same time the photo festival retains its intimate dimension.

The theme 2020
Everything in the third edition of theFotofestival Lenzburg revolves around the theme of accelerating time - "Times under pressure". Until a few decades ago, the rhythm of nature dictated the rules of life. Industrialization and technological development have placed time management in the hands of man and determined new rhythms that have enormous effects on us and the entire ecosystem. The extremely high number of events and information with which the individual is confronted and the competitive society in which we live challenge us to constantly accelerating. The word stress is one of the terms most frequently mentioned in relation to our daily life (about 1'510'000'000'000 results in Google) and the increase in psychological illnesses such as anxiety, especially among young people, is an indication of the struggle on a personal level to find a rhythm, a time of our own in life. Our environment is also exposed to this, and is being profoundly and dangerously changed as a result. The sustainability of the global economic system is no longer only questioned, the effects are strong and clearly visible on many levels. We are in times under pressure.

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Fotofestival Lenzburg 2020
12 September - 25 October 2020