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Sandrine Elberg, one of the winners of the OPEN CALL (Category: Project)

1) Could you describe your project in your own few words? What makes it special? 
The project Jökull, the memory go glaciers is a tribute to the sublime, to the glaciers of Iceland with their faults, scars, swirls, moulins and crevices. The different points of view are shown under the moon and the starry skies of the island for an invitation to contemplation and dreaming. This artwork contributes poetically to the memory of glaciers, awareness and intended for the future generation.

2) What is your favorite thing about photography?
I love to play with materials and techniques (photograms and solarisation) to offer the viewer of magical landscapes and panoramas. I like to create photographs between dream and reality, between knowledge and utopia, between photography and engraving. I propose photographs that turn on our speculation while interrogating the scientific reality of the medium also.

3) What helps you most in your artistic progress?
I work as much as possible with time and I involve art, science and serendipity.

4) What do you think about the Fotofestival Lenzburg?
Lenzburg Fotofestival is a great place for opportunity to show photographs in a dynamic and young event festival in Switzerland

5) Why did you choose photography as your profession? What was your “educational” path? 
After studying cinema and audiovisual media and art in high school, my schooling is strengthened with five years in Fine Arts School in Paris at Ecole nationale supérieure des Beaux-arts of Paris (ENSBA). I awarded my diploma in 2003.

Thanks a lot, Sandrine!

More about Sandrine and her work you can find here.