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Davide Monteleone

Venue: Stapferhaus

Project description

While there has been concern raised in the West, recently, regarding a possible end of Globalization as we know it, Davide Monteleone’s long-term project investigates the immense efforts by China to reshape the global movement of goods, services and capital by an infrastructure initiative known as “Belt and Road” or “New Silk Road”, and by doing so tilt the geopolitical balance towards the East. However, there is a certain break between the economic and geopolitical processes at work and how they are manifested in the real world. Much of it remains simply invisible or is too all-encompassing to be pictured, which poses a challenge to an artist working in photography and interested in presenting us with more than the facts. But Monteleone finds intriguing images that back up his extensive research and rich data that informs his stunning photographs.

Monteleone’s photographic project is realised together with the National Geographic Society. The exhibition Sinomocene at Stapferhaus is a world-premiere and it will be accompanied by the publication of the book by Artphilein Publications.

We thank for the support De Pietri – Artphilein Foundation.

Author Biography

Davide Monteleone is a photographer, researcher, and National Geographic Fellow whose work spans imaging, visual journalism, writing, and other disciplines. His recurring themes include geopolitics, geography, identity, data and technology. His work has been presented in the form of exhibitions and installations in various galleries and museums all over the world. Monteleone now lives in Zurich.

Exhibition venue:

Stapferhaus, Bahnhofstrasse 49, 5600 Lenzburg