The secret of the visual effect


The secret of the visual effect.
Seminar & Workshop with Dennis Savini, cap-fotoschule

What makes a good picture great? How do impressive pictures work, what is their secret? Dennis Savini analyses pictures and gets to the bottom of the effect of pictures. An analysis in 10 steps. With many examples and surprising conclusions. Good pictures are no secret, they have their own laws. Knowing them helps you to get to the bottom of your own visual language and you learn to avoid boring pictures. A seminar and workshop for all those who want to improve their visual language and want to achieve strong and effective pictures in the future.
The Workshop takes place with a model.

Please bring your own camera. Duration seminar & workshop, 2,5 hours.

Date: 21 Oct.
Times: 1 p.m – 3.30 p.m
Location: Stapferhaus, Lenzburg

Workshop leader: Dennis Savini, cap-fotoschule

Number of participants: max. 20

Price: Adults CHF 110.-, Students CHF 88.-,  KulturLegi CHF 77.-

Registration deadline: 19 Oct.

The workshop will take place in any weather.



    Dennis Savini
    expert in photography

    Born in 1955, he completed his apprenticeship as a photographer after school. He is an unconditional aesthete and within the advertising world a top-class professional experienced in many areas. With his well-known photo studio in Zürich, he is a much sought-after specialist for food, jewellery, watches, portraits and annual reports.
    Various publications in books and publications on professional photography as well as numerous articles and workshops in many countries made him a synonym for a stylish, clear and creative visual language. His book "Masterclass Workshop" has been translated into 3 languages and has become a standard work of studio photography. In 2019 his new book "Professionell Fotografieren lernen" was published by dPunkt Verlag, in which he describes the way to professional visual language and photography. Since 14 years he is involved in the private cap-fotoschule, where he also teaches. This school offers practice-oriented training for career changers in the photographic profession. He is a very didactic and open workshop leader who makes no secret of his great knowledge and is able to inspire people.