The Lenzburg Photo Festival

In the third edition of the Lenzburg Photo Festival, everything revolves around the theme "Acceleration of time, times under pressure". The festival wants to draw the attention of all - experts and the public - to a theme that touches everyone on a different level and invites renowned photographers and up-and-coming talents to share their visions on this theme in this edition of the festival.

Until a few decades ago, the rhythm of nature dictated the rules of life. Industrialisation and technological development have placed time management in man's hands and have created new rhythms that have an enormous impact on us and the ecosystem as a whole.

The extremely high number of events and information that individuals are confronted with and the competitive society in which we live challenge us to constant acceleration. The word stress is one of the most frequently mentioned terms in relation to our daily lives (alone 1,510,000,000,000 results only in Google) and the rise of psychological diseases such as anxiety, especially among young people, are an indication of the struggle at a personal level to find a rhythm in life, one's own time. Our environment is also exposed to this and is thus profoundly and dangerously changed. The sustainability of the global economic system is no longer only questioned, the effects are strong and clearly visible on many levels.

We find ourselves in times under pressure.

The festival, which cooperates with many institutions, gives photography as much space as possible. The photos selected by the international jury, consisting of internationally renowned experts, will be exhibited in public space - the historic centre of Lenzburg, which is being transformed into an open-air gallery - as well as in two of the city's art centres: Stapferhaus and Müllerhaus.

The rich programme with events, workshops and discussions makes the festival, in the charming small Swiss town of Lenzburg, an event worth seeing, which should find a place in every agenda.

As a result of the first editions in 2018 under the motto "Changes" and in 2019 on the theme "Beauty", the festival has developed into a genuine regional point of reference with international appeal. Then, in 2019, more than 4200 pictures by 480 photographers were sent in from all over Switzerland and from over 20 countries around the world to take part in the photo competition. The collaboration with the Stapferhaus Lenzburg and the Musée des Beaux-Arts Le Locle was activated to show the important retrospective "Appearance and Being" by the world-famous photographer Henry Leutwyler, who was born in Lenzburg. As a charismatic and sympathetic person, Henry Leutwyler won over the local public, who thus participated in numerous events, and he was a magnet for national photo experts, who know this author well.

The Lenzburg Photo Festival is happy to share its cultural value with institutional, technical and cultural partners.

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