Seminar - From taking pictures to the print

Banner-Von der Aufnahme zum Print

The workflow for results that look analog - just as our eye sees images.
With Roberto Casavecchia, Profot AG.

In this seminar Roberto Casavecchia will present a small cross-section of his workflow "From taking pictures to print». You will learn what possibilities digital photography has to offer and how you can achieve maximum image quality.

- how do I expose correctly to get optimal RAW images for RAW conversion
- the correct use of the LiveView histogram
- useful things to be able to focus correctly

- what has to be considered for RAW conversion
- removing the "digital blur"
- "Pseudo-HDR" for coping with difficult lighting situations
- Optimization of highlights and shadows
- Black and white transformation by the "fine species"

- Monitor calibration and profiling
- printing with ICC profiles

This is a small excerpt from the content of the workshops of Roberto Casavecchia, which he offers on various topics at Profot AG in Muri in Aargau, which sponsors the Workshop.

Topic: Workflow, "From taking pictures to print"

Date: Wednesday, 16. Sept

Seminar 1: from 9.30 to 10.30
Seminar 2: from 11.00 to 12.00

Location: Stapferhaus, Lenzburg

Seminar leader: Roberto Casavecchia, Profot AG, Muri AG

Number of participants: max. 30 persons

Price: Adults CHF 38.-, Students CHF 30.40, KulturLegi owner CHF 26.60

Registration deadline: 14. Sept

The participants receive a printed handout.

The seminar takes place in all weather conditions.



Roberto Casavecchia

born in Genoa in 1959, worked in various advertising agencies in Zurich after training as a graphic designer. Photography quickly became his passion. He ported the "analog" workflow into the "digital" era and developed various techniques himself. In addition to various solo and group exhibitions, he has also published numerous books. Roberto Casavecchia is a photographer and specialist for FineArt Imaging and RAW-Workflow and writes regularly for the German magazine "Fine Art Printer".