Project Inside Out

Unfortunately the exhibition at Seetalplatz is over due to bad weather and damaged pictures.

This year the Lenzburg Photo Festival is taking part in the international project Inside Out. Under the title "Time – back to life", around 60 black and white portraits of children will decorate a part of the floor of the Seetalplatz (near the Hypothekarbank) during the festival.

The Corona crisis has severely restricted the freedom of movement of many of us. It also brought a lot of unrest and insecurity, even if for some it was a deceleration. The relationship to time and to our fellow human beings has changed. However, despite all the difficulties of the present, we should think about the future. It belongs to the children and young people whom we want to put in the foreground. "Time – back to life" is a project that makes them to protagonists.

This space belongs to the children, it is given to them. Their wishes and needs – such as sharing time with friends and family, playing, painting, singing, dancing and serious questions in life and growing up, which are often forgotten in times under pressure – were formulated by the children themselves during the project. The mimic and gestures in the portraits give expression to all this.

The wonderful portraits were created by the photographers Séverine Nordhof and Olivier Vermeulen.